Morning came as they entered Basel. They were met at the train station by B. L. Whitney, president of the Swiss Mission, accompanied by R. F. Andrews andAlbert Vuilleumier. Taking a hack, they drove to the publishing house on the corner of Weiherweg and Rudolphstrasse. There they were greeted by A. C. Bourdeau and were introduced to quite a number who had awaited their arrival (MS 16a, 1885.).

As they entered the building Whitney said to her, "Look at our meeting hall before going upstairs." Observing all the features of the large room, she said, "It is a good meeting hall. I feel that I have seen this place before." She stepped into the office across the hall for a brief look and then was taken to the pressroom, just below the ground floor. The press was running, and she said, "I have seen this press before. This room looks very familiar to me."

Two young men were at work, and they were introduced to Ellen. She shook hands with them and inquired, "Where is the other one?" "What other one?" Whitney asked.

"There is an older man here," she replied, "and I have a message for him."

Whitney explained that the foreman of the pressroom was in the city on business (3LS, pp. 282, 283). Ten years before, in Battle Creek, on January 3, 1875, Ellen White was given a vision in which this publishing house and the foreman of the pressroom were shown to her. Needless to say, this experience brought courage to the heart of Whitney and his associates involved in the work in Basel.

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