James and Ellen arrived in San Francisco on Sunday evening, December
28. They were met the next day by J. N. Loughborough, president of theCalifornia Conference, now living in Woodland. He accompanied them to Santa Rosa, where Lucinda Hall had set up housekeeping for them in a commodious rented home.

Loughborough had called the officers of the California Conference to meet here for a two-day council. Isaac and Adelia Van Horn had traveled west with the Whites, and they joined the worker group meeting in Santa Rosa. Everyone rejoiced in the reports of the victories won in Battle Creek. James's bold proposals envisioned during the Colorado interlude would bring forth fruit.

He wrote to the Review, "There is good evidence that the Guiding Hand turned our course at Cheyenne, from the most desirable route to San Francisco, to the General Conference at Battle Creek" (ibid.).

The whole experience brought great relief and freedom to James.

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