Of the visions given to Ellen White, one of those most remembered was that of June 6, 1863, at Otsego, Michigan - the health reform vision.

At worship on friday night in the Aaron Hilliard home, Ellen was taken off in vision. Many matters were opened to her in this vision, but the vision is noted particularly for what was shown to her in regard to healthóthe responsibility of all to live in harmony with principles that would prevent sickness and yield good health.

Then there was a call for an active ministry on the part of James and Ellen White along health lines.

When she was in the home of Dr. H. S. Lay, he pressed her to tell him what she had been shown. She explained that much of what was presented to her was so different from the ordinarily accepted views that she feared she could not relate it so that it could be understood. She then told him in simple language, what was presented to her in vision.

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