Having consulted with the brethren in Michigan and Vermont, the two states from which there had been the strongest moral and financial support, on his return to Rochester on August 30, 1855, James White was prepared to make the announcement of what seemed to be the consensus of opinion. He did so in early September under the title of "The Office":

We are happy to say that the brethren in Michigan cheerfully take upon themselves the responsibilities of the Review office. They will probably move it to that state this fall. Brethren in Vermont are willing and ready to do the same, but regard Michigan to be more the center of the future field of labor, and are willing that the press should be established in that state.

The Review will probably be issued weekly after the press shall be established at Battle Creek, Michigan. It will be our duty and privilege to be freed from the office at present, at least. God has raised up others who are better able to conduct the Review, and bear these burdens, than we are (RH, Sept. 4, 1855).

The decision having been made that the press would go to Battle Creek, the men there went into action. The Review of October 2 placed before the church the plans and decisions the Michigan brethren were making:

  1. Advent Review office would remain the property of the church.
  2. It would be moved to Battle Creek, Michigan.
  3. A financial committee of three would be chosen, whose duty it was to move the office, and publish the Advent Review.
  4. church-at-large would be called upon to send their freewill offerings to defray the expenses of moving.
  5. was a call for a plan on which the editorial department of the Advent Review would be conducted (ibid., Oct. 2, 1855).
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