The Washington hand press, other needed equipment, and the type purchased in New York cost more than $600. Hiram Edson advanced the money on a short-term loan; James White called for donations with which to pay this debt, if possible by mid-June, and work began. The first issue of volume 3 of the Review, bearing the publication date of May 6, was ready in type before the press arrived, so was "struck off" on another press in the town. The masthead lists as a publishing committee Joseph Bates, J. N. Andrews, and Joseph Baker; James White was named editor. The paper would appear semimonthly. The "terms" were stated: "Gratis. It is expected that all the friends of the cause will aid in its publication, as the Lord has prospered them" (ibid., May 6, 1852). A poem from the pen of Annie Smith titled "The Blessed Hope" filled column one and half of column two of the first page. The articles related to the third angel's message, and Elder White's editorial reviewed the past and dealt with present work.

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