He defended the proposition of the gift of prophecy in the church, but he did not mention Ellen White. By mid-June 1851 the growing number of church members were calling for the visions in published form. This led him to plan for the issuance of Extras of the Review just for the believers. He explained this in the first, and only, issue of an Extra. It carried the date of July 21, 1851, and was published between volume 1 of the Review, which closed with the June 9 issue, and volume 2, which opened August 5.

It took longer to get out the Extra than was first expected. The printing was done at Saratoga Springs. On July 21, the date carried by the yet-unprinted Extra, Ellen White mentioned the pamphlet in a letter to friends in Michigan:

The visions trouble many. They [know] not what to make of them. . . . If you desire it, I can write it off for you. As it was coming out so soon in the pamphlet, I thought that you would not wish me to write them all off for you. We now think that you can have the book in about four weeks (letter 4, 1851).

Elder White promised that it would contain 64 pages (four printing forms), and that 2,000 copies would be printed, at a cost of $5 per 100.

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