The Lord did place the burden on her. Three days later she wrote: "I shall go to Oregon the sixth of Mayóshall remain two months unless I see more clear light" (letter 24, 1880). She made the trip, accompanied by Mary White and S. N. Haskell. They sailed from San Francisco on the steamer California, Thursday, May 6, arriving at Portland Sunday morning, May 9 (ST, May 13, 1880). Then they hastened on up the Columbia River to eastern Oregon and Walla Walla. For a few days she and Haskell held meetings there, speaking Sabbath and Sunday, May 15 and 16. She also spoke in Walla Walla on three nights. Other meetings followedóoneat Milton, Oregon, and another at Salem. Haskell then returned to California. Ellen and Mary left a few days later. Between meetings she was busy writing.

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