The Whites and Andrews filled appointments in Topsham, Maine; in Washington, New Hampshire; and in Vermont. Many places could be reached only by sleigh or carriage.

Monday, December 23, the meeting was held during the daylight hours in the William Farnsworth home. Farnsworth was the man who in 1844 had risen to his feet in the Washington, New Hampshire, church and declared that he was going to keep God's Sabbath. Others followed him in his decision. Now he had slipped back to the use of tobacco, but deceived his brethren into thinking that he had discarted it. Ellen White exposed him in front of the group. When she had finished with her messages to different ones in the room and there was an opportunity for a response, one after another stood and acknowledged the truthfulness of her message, and with repentance and confession yielded themselves anew to God. Then the parents made confession to their children. This touched the hearts of the young people who had been watching and listening, and whose hearts were being moved by the messages and invitations not only of Ellen but of James White and Andrews.

After those five eventful days at Washington, 18 children and young people expressed their determination to be Christians. Some of them wanted to be baptized without delay, so a hole was sawed in the ice on nearby Millan Pond, and with joy they went forward with this rite.

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