As the number of believers increased, it became clear that there was a pressing need for some guidance and controls. Some organization was needed.

One matter that required agreement was the time of commencing the Sabbath. There were a few who observed the Sabbath from sundown to sundown, but the majority stood with Bates, as did James and Ellen White.

James White requested asked John Andrews to take his Bible and bring evidence to settle the question. Andrews prepared a paper on the matter. From nine texts in the Old Testament and two from the New, Andrews demonstrated that "even" and "evening" of the Sabbath were identical with sunset.

Everyone in Battle Creek accepted the new light. Everyone, except for Ellen White and Joseph Bates. So God confirmed the insights in  Andrews' paper through a vision to Ellen White. This vision set Ellen White and Joseph Bates straight, and they accepted the vision wholeheartedly.

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