Then in 1861 when the matter of church organization began to crystallize, the question came up: {WV 102.5}

How do you manage in forming a church about taking in members who use tea, coffee, tobacco, and wear hoops, and some who do not believe in Sister White's visions? (RH, Nov. 5, 1861). {WV 102.6}

Loughborough worked very closely with James and Ellen White, and White was editor of the Review, where the answers would be published. So we may be certain there was some counseling together on these pointsówhat appeared in print represented the mind of the three.

The reply was that no one, not even those who had been united in worshiping on Sabbath with a company of believers, should be taken into the church as a member unless he or she was in full harmony with the beliefs of the church.

It took time to lead people to recognize the importance of following sound health principles.

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