The Whites were entertained at the Aaron Hilliard home a few miles west of town. The Amadons and others came in for worship as the Sabbath was beginning.

Ellen White was asked to lead in prayer. She did so, pleading fervently with God. As she prayed for James, who was close by, she moved to his side, laid her hand on his shoulder, and poured out her heart. Then her voice changed, and she was heard to exclaim, "Glory to God!" Martha Amadon, daughter of John Byington, the newly elected president of the General Conference, commented:

Many who have witnessed these things have often wished a description could be given of the servant of God when thus under the influence of the Holy Spiritóthe illumination of the countenance, the graceful gestures of the hands, the dignity attending every movement, the musical intonations of the voice sounding as from a distance, and many, many other things which give an eyewitness confidence in their heavenly origin. . . . She was in vision about forty-five minutes (DF 105, "TheOtsego Vision of 1863").

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