Ellen had been working under heavy pressure to complete writing out the vision before she and her husband would visit the "Home on the Hillside" of Dr. Jackson in Dansville, New York. But she was determined that before leaving she would cover in that book the main points that had been shown to her in the health reform vision. She did not want it to be said that what she presented as shown to her in vision could have been influenced by Dr. Jackson or anyone else.

She made an interesting statement of what she did not read before first writing out what the Lord had revealed to her:

That which I have written in regard to health was not taken from books or papers. . . . My view was clear, and I did not want to read anything until I had fully completed my books. My views were written independent of books or of the opinions of others (MS 7, 1867).

She had talked freely with Dr. Lay and many others upon the things shown her in vision in reference to health, but she had not read a paper dealing with health.