At times when James and Ellen White had planned some trip in their ministry, illness on her part seemed to make it entirely out of the question, but taking God's providence into account in their plans, they would start out by faith, and God sustained them. On the day they were to attend one camp meeting, Ellen was very ill. She had been in bed for two days, but she thought she must at least attempt to go. She wrote of it to Willie:

"Make Way for a Sick Woman"

I was not dressed Wednesday and but a short time Thursday in the morning, until I dressed to start on the cars. . . . When we arrived atJackson it was state fair, and such a crowd I never saw before. They were determined to crowd upon the platform.

Your father rushed out with me on his arm. He put his shoulder against men and women, crying out, "Make way for a sick woman. Clear the track for a sick woman." He rushed through the crowd, took me to one side, and found me a seat. Adelia Van Horn was by my side. He went for Brother Palmer's team (letter 13, 1870).

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