At the General Conference session in mid-May 1866, a resolution called for Dr. H. L. Lay to furnish a series of articles through the Review on the subject of health reform. In the days following the conference, plans were quickly laid and implemented to publish a monthly health journal, which Dr. Lay would edit. The Review of June 5, 1866, carried this notice:

Prospectus of the Health Reformer: The first number of a monthly periodical, with the above title, sixteen pages, magazine form, with cover, will be issued at the Western Health Reform Institute, Battle Creek, Michigan, August 1, 1866. . . .

It will advocate the cure of diseases by use of nature's own remedies, air, light, heat, exercise, food, sleep, recreation, et cetera. . . . Price $1.00 per volume of twelve numbers (RH, June 5, 1866).

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