With President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation, effective January 1, 1863, the tide in the war began to turn. A national fast was appointed.

Because the high commutation provision of $300 was a real threat to denominational income, James White warned that the brethren should rather mortgage their property to raise the money thatn to accept means that should go into the Lord's treasury.

The new enrollment law came along with the provision that members of religious denominations who declare that they are conscientiously opposed to the bearing of arms, be considered as noncombatants. So the church had to obtain official noncombatant status. On August 3, 1864 a communication was taken to the governor of Michigan. In his reply, the governor confirmed that Seventh-day Adventists are entitled to all the immunities secured by law to those who are conscientiously opposed to bearing arms, or engaging in war.

The next step had to be taken in Washington, D.C. J. N. Andrews was sent for this important mission. Two weeks later Adventists were fully recognized as noncombatants.

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